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(And don’t forget the annual updates)

Is it safe to assume you have plenty to do?

Perhaps even over capacity?

Or maybe don’t have the expertise/time to learn?

It happens to the best of us. With all attempts to be proactive and get ahead of changing business needs, it can all go out the window quickly when business as usual and project work combine, along with routine (and non-routine) audits, shifting regulatory environments, evolving technology, and the ol’ mid-year and end-of-year processes…

We all need a hand at times; have no shame! You have an eLearning friend!

5k Courses is your friend, and actually there are several of us. So, you essentially have a whole posse of eLearning amigos waiting to help you craft elegant eLearning with less time and expense. And let me tell you – you’d rather have 5k as friends than enemies (not really...just wanted to sound tough!).

5k Courses has some real sickos like myself who enjoy updating online courses and mumbling, “See, Dad, I told you all the copy editing I did for a journalism degree wasn’t a waste.” There are others with more fun or outdoorsy hobbies and interests. BUT I AIN’T ‘BOUT THAT LIFE.

The point is that 5k Courses can work with you to produce finished Storyline, Lectora, or Captivate courses while you focus on other important things like content gathering or program/curriculum managing, like an extra pair of hands. Or perhaps you have a grander vision. 5k can add all the bells and whistles to make your training a success and take it places you might not have thought possible because of time, budget, skillset.

Talk to us today if 5k can help with:

  • Videos (talking head, GoAnimate, whiteboard animation)

  • Audio (voice over, music, sound effects)

  • Digitizing existing training and/or making it “bite-sized”

  • Graphic design (custom graphics/characters/icons/eLearning layouts)

  • Instructional Design (storyboard & script development)

  • Organizational Design (competency mapping, career pathing, job leveling)

Author: Greg Moore at

Sucked into the seedy underworld of corporate training and development as a tech writer and personal learning advisor for a successful eLearning company, Greg has found lifelong friendship and gratification doing everything from building online courses, apps, games, to media production and editing, voice over, animation, traditional as well as virtual instructor-led training, and [HIS TRUE PASSION] strategic organizational design work such as competency mapping, career pathing, and creating fluid org charts....and he makes a mean cocktail!


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