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COMPLIANCE TRAINING-Just because you have to take it, doesn’t mean you have to hate it!

Does mandated training have to feel like it’s mandated?

Maybe I am wrong about this. Maybe I have only worked at places where the required training is punishment for a crime I didn’t know existed (or that I committed). If so, feel free to skip to the end of the blog where I list all the things 5k can/will do for you if you ask nicely.

But I doubt it.

Seriously, some compliance training should not even be called training as it besmirches the art to which I’ve dedicated my life. Let’s examine the kinds of things people call training and belittle them from an instructional design perspective:

  1. Death by PowerPoint The standard in the industry. It’s actually an amazing phenomenon because sometimes participants truly know less afterwards than they did before the training.

  2. Death by PowerPoint sent as an email attachment It’s even better when “Death by PowerPoint” is provided via email to read at your convenience. You know, essentially being asked to read a book but the book is presented in a medium that isn’t incredibly conducive to the written word. Heck, why not put the training in a spreadsheet?

  3. Webinars / demos done via online meeting Sometime during my illustrious career, the “tech savvy" learned how to do “Death by PowerPoint” via online meeting, but that is still all it is.

  4. VODcasts / asynchronous versions of webinars Go-getters started recording their webinars / online meetings for posterity, sometimes recording voiceovers (usually of poor audio quality), and the best of the best taking it a step further to make the training SCORM-compliant and available in an LMS.

  5. Poorly designed eLearning modules eLearning got a bad rap for a long time because it was not designed well. From a user interface (UI) perspective, and UX perspective, the dream of the ‘90s lives on in some of the custom/in-house computer-based training that colleagues have to endure. And what about page-turner courses that – AGAIN – with the walls of text and poor visual aids, are tantamount to (you guessed it) “Death by PowerPoint.”

Do you get my point? There was a point in there somewhere. Everything I described is a variation of the well-known “no-no” as it pertains to appealing to the science of the brain and how people prefer to learn. We joke about “Death by PowerPoint” all the time, but we could still be guilty of doing it unwittingly.

I can site academic journal findings touting increased comprehension and learning retention when audio, video, and/or interaction is utilized; email us at 5k Courses if you want. We’ll get a blog up.

It’s just ever-most peculiar to me because compliance training is supposedly so important that everyone is required to take it, but it is often delivered in one of the least effective format(s) possible.

Whether you’re guilty or not, or whatever the reason might be for the death of innocent minds at the hand of a dull edged PowerPoint deck (lack of time, lack of resources, the fact that some compliance training really is just a government checking-of-the-box, etc.) …we’re not here to name names or place blame.

5k Courses just wants to help you put a stop to the madness!

5k Courses can work with you to produce finished Storyline, Lectora, or Captivate courses that take your compliance training to another level!

Provide us your expertly-written content and we will use our instructional design and eLearning wizardy to open your learners’ minds with professionally-produced:

  • Videos (talking head, GoAnimate, whiteboard animation)

  • Audio (voice over, music, sound effects)

  • Digitizing existing training and/or making it “bite-sized”

  • Graphic design (custom graphics/characters/icons/eLearning layouts)

  • Instructional Design (storyboard & script development)

Don’t torture colleagues with compliance training any longer.

Author: Greg Moore at

Sucked into the seedy underworld of corporate training and development as a tech writer and personal learning advisor for a successful eLearning company, Greg has found lifelong friendship and gratification doing everything from building online courses, apps, games, to media production and editing, voice over, animation, traditional as well as virtual instructor-led training, and [HIS TRUE PASSION] strategic organizational design work such as competency mapping, career pathing, and creating fluid org charts....and he makes a mean cocktail!


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