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eLearning & The Rise of the "Gig Economy".

Qualified instructional designers and learning & development professionals have always been in demand, but perhaps now more than ever.

It’s hard to imagine since it wasn’t that long ago that I was a victim of a training department downsizing, wondering whether I should jump ship to a new career/profession. I spent about 26 months proving to myself that I could live off of contracting jobs and that good instructional designers will always find work if they want/need it.

And now, given the current labor constraints, any instructional designer with an ounce of skill and experience is likely gainfully employed. Recruiters and head hunters roam LinkedIn poaching big game via InMail job inquiries, and all of the 5k eLearning mercenaries walked away from good jobs to live our best lives and share our talents with a broader audience.

Then, responses to job postings generally become folks jaded by their current job and/or seeking to make a career move purely for financial motivations (and maybe to play the “job hop” game where they never stay long enough to let their limited skillsets manifest). And we’re probably all aware of the costs of onboarding new colleagues and the latency time expected before a new colleague can ramp up to full productivity…

I’m jumping to some conclusions here, but ultimately I’m saying it’s a contractors’ world. With the rise of the gig economy, and the wake left behind by the booms and busts of the learning & development industry’s recent past, adding full time employees in the corporate training realm is not easy for many reasons (not the least of which is the project-to-project nature of this line business).

More and more HR leaders are beginning to recognize the true value of an effective training function, but the reality is that organizations are wanting more and more consultative capabilities from L&D, and expecting those capabilities to come along with the ability to get everything else done with a lean org chart.

Being a man of simple tastes, I say sack all of this garbage. Spare the costs of adding headcount, and spare the humanity dilemma of rifting full-time employees later. If you need help now – give us a call. If you need help later – we’ll be here. 5K Courses is here to help weather the ebbs and flows of the training world with elegant eLearning that specializes with overworked, over-budget training departments.

5k Courses can work with you to produce finished Storyline, Lectora, or Captivate courses while you focus on other important things like content gathering, program/curriculum management, change management, continuing education, or any of the million other things L&D professionals get tasked with.

Talk to us today if 5k can help with:

  • Videos (talking head, GoAnimate, whiteboard animation)

  • Audio (voice over, music, sound effects)

  • Digitizing existing training and/or making it “bite-sized”

  • Graphic design (custom graphics/characters/icons/eLearning layouts)

  • Instructional Design (storyboard & script development)

  • Organizational Design (competency mapping, career pathing, job leveling)

Author: Greg Moore at

Sucked into the seedy underworld of corporate training and development as a tech writer and personal learning advisor for a successful eLearning company, Greg has found lifelong friendship and gratification doing everything from building online courses, apps, games, to media production and editing, voice over, animation, traditional as well as virtual instructor-led training, and [HIS TRUE PASSION] strategic organizational design work such as competency mapping, career pathing, and creating fluid org charts....and he makes a mean cocktail!


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