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Good, Fast, Cheap; Why Not All 3?

Dispelling the myth of “quick & painless”

“Are you familiar with the Iron Triangle?*” It’s a fun question to ask. The question could just as easily be secret code for an esoteric cult, as it could be about a wrestling hold or way of analyzing a project. Triple Constraint sounds like the wrestler that wins gold belts for slapping that Iron Triangle on people. I can’t speak to its similarity to secret code; I’ve probably said too much already. Fear for me.

The ol’ adage “good/fast/cheap” most often manifests in the L&D world as a limitation of quality because of time, financial cost, and/or human resources. If you don’t believe me (you do, don’t you? trust falls pending...) Harvard Business Publishing’s 2018 State of Leadership Development Report cites only 5% of L&D professionals rated their programs best in class.

It certainly seems that quality is being heavily constrained and impacted somewhere along the way.

That’s where 5k Courses comes in. 5k seeks to understand YOUR perspective: which features and functions of your organization’s L&D strategy are most essential; which you are most satisfied with; which you would like to improve; which projects/deliverables 5k can quickly do for a reasonable cost that for all intents and purposes removes the time and cost constraints on your L&D projects.

We shatter paradigms like “Big Country” Bryant Reeves used to break glass backboards.

With the good looks of a livestock animal and the strength of a hundred uncles?

Sorta, but mostly with a strategic and efficient consultation that helps you understand where you should spend your limited time to get the most quality out of your L&D budget.

5k Courses can work with you to produce finished Storyline, Lectora, or Captivate courses while you focus on other important things like content gathering or program/curriculum managing, change management, or any of the million other things L&D professionals get tasked with.

If you’re in the 95% of L&D pros that doesn’t consider your old dog of training to be best of breed, 5k can add all the bells and whistles to make your training best in show regardless of time, budget, skillset. Talk to us today if 5k can help with:

• Videos (talking head, GoAnimate, whiteboard animation)

• Audio (voice over, music, sound effects)

• Digitizing existing training and/or making it “bite-sized”

• Graphic design (custom graphics/characters/icons/eLearning layouts)

• Instructional Design (storyboard & script development)

• Organizational Design (competency mapping, career pathing, job leveling)

Author: Greg Moore at

Sucked into the seedy underworld of corporate training and development as a tech writer and personal learning advisor for a successful eLearning company, Greg has found lifelong friendship and gratification doing everything from building online courses, apps, games, to media production and editing, voice over, animation, traditional as well as virtual instructor-led training, and [HIS TRUE PASSION] strategic organizational design work such as competency mapping, career pathing, and creating fluid org charts....and he makes a mean cocktail!


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